Aufsichtsratsmandate - Management Boards

Management Boards

Due to our own extensive operational-, managerial- and leadership - experience we can help in advising and steering your company from governance and strategic perspective

Our contribution:

  • Promote stakeholder interests through the governance of the company and to hire and supervise the executive management
  • Support due to personal experience the strategic way forward of your company
  • Support with personal global network to grow the business
  • Very much „hands on“ mentality and support in daily work
  • Support differs depending on the stage of the company
    Large enterprises
    - Governance & strategic support
    Small and medium enterprises
    - Helping to set up the structure to move to the next level of performance
    - Global expansion, global structure, new markets. etc.
    - Industrialize the processes in order to push efficiency
    Start up’s
    - Strategic guidance
    - Basic structure to become profitable and sustainable
    - Support with personal network to get access to possible markets